Vaccination Dogs

All dogs should be vaccinated as puppies and would receive at least two injections at that time. The first injection can be given at 6 weeks of age if warranted, but the pup must be 12 weeks of age at least before it receives the full vaccination shot. The standard vaccine protects against distemper, parvovirus, canine hepatitis and leptospirosis with extra protection against parainfluenza and coronavirus being available if required. The timing of the injections depend on the individual circumstances and should be discussed with your vet who would take into account the prevalence of disease locally, the type/breed of dog, when and where it was acquired, and where it was going to be kept.

It is important that annual boosters be given. The leptospirosis vaccine in particular does not give long lasting immunity, protection lasts only the year in a lot of cases and missing boosters can leave an animal at risk. If more than two years have passed between injections then a repeat of the puppy vaccination program should be considered with two injections being given two weeks apart.

Vaccine against ‘kennel cough’ should be given to all animals going into kennels and is usually given by the intranasal route. If dogs in your area have ‘cough’ you should also consider using this vaccine.

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